Traditional recipes from the grandfather Remoundos workshop in Athens 1920: delicacies three generations, time-tested. Try and make your classic favorite!

Thessaloniki’s Koulouri

It is as famous as the home city. The round sesame 'crown' of Thessaloniki is here to give a taste of tradition to every day life!

Next to the White Tower

The Thessaloniki’s Koulouri, deals around the aroma of freshly baked sesame … It is a feeling that hides the taste of the Thessaloniki Bagels by Stamatis Remoundos! Crispy and well done, with no trace of preservatives but rich in natural ingredients that give unparalleled quality and taste that will impress! It is packaged in a fresh-pack, which “captures” all the aroma and flavor!

Nutritional value: The pure quality of ingredients tantalizes the taste and nutritional value. The golden baked sesame antioxidants and give it the appropriate calcium that is absorbed and quickly digested by the body, while the fluffy texture, ideal for a full breakfast or snack that will fill your energy in the moment. The most important meal of the day is … a Thessaloniki’s Bagels by Stamatis Remoundos!