Traditional recipes from the grandfather Remoundos workshop in Athens 1920: delicacies three generations, time-tested. Try and make your classic favorite!

Olive breadstick bites

The epitome of the Mediterranean diet in one bite! Crunchy, delicious breadstick bites that bring value and purity of olive oil in your daily life!

The simplicity of preparation and purity of materials:

This famous Greek recipe followed Stamatis Remoundos destined to conquer the world. The pure wheaten flour of the best quality mated with fragrant yeast and greeted with rich olive oil, the property boosts the flavor and nutritional value to this traditional dish. An essential component of your balanced Mediterranean diet, neat or as an accompaniment to your meal is always with you in the most convenient packaging, a taste of Greece!

Nutritional Value: In a single bite, all the benefits! Olive oil, the “elixir of longevity” is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, a healthy dietary fat which is the best ally in preventing against cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.