Mikro Cookies

Micro in size, but big in taste! Our tiny Cookies are a delicacy that you can not live without!

Unbeatable taste, mouthwatering morsels, adding rare moments to your life and your family & friends with two unique/distinct flavors: Mikro Cookies with chocolate, small, rich chocolate chips hidden in the most crisp and fluffy biscuit to offer you a bite of heaven & maximum enjoyment. In Mikro Cookies with apple and cinnamon, you will find the most fragrant combination: the pieces of the famous Pelion apples and aromatic cinnamon give the cookie the delicious taste of traditional delicacies. No one can resist to these cookie bites: neither the children nor the adults! For brunch, the accompaniment to coffee or milk, to treat, and the sweetest reward, no need to get into a lot of trouble … The FERRO’ Mikro Cookies are here to go with you in the most convenient pocket size package!