Traditional recipes from the grandfather Remoundos workshop in Athens 1920: delicacies three generations, time-tested. Try and make your classic favorite!

Cretan Style Breadsticks

The traditional Cretan style breadstick needs no introduction! But it needs the FERRO’ name to reach you as daily fresh and crisp which brings the whole Cretan cuisine ... on a plate!

A taste FERRO’ comes from the heart of the Cretan land to conquer your heart and give in your daily diet all the values of the Mediterranean diet. Grandfather Remoundos safe guarded the authentic recipe alive even today the Cretan style Breadstick wheat be produced as then: the purest Greek raw materials and in the traditional way! Fresh, crisp and well done, arrives every day to fill your life with energy and flavor in the most natural and healthy manner with almost no calories!

Nutritional value: All values of the Mediterranean diet mingle in Cretan style breadstick! Contains a high percentage of fiber that help in proper functioning of the digestive system and cause satiety, so it is the best ally of your daily diet. It is covered by the seeds of welfare – gold A’ screening sesame – which gives over a thousand beneficial substances such as Omega 3 fats, antioxidants and proper form of calcium that is absorbed and quickly digested by the body. Are these also the unique and authentic flavor that makes Cretan style breadstick ideal for all ages, for the school and for the office, for breakfast and brunch!