Classic Breadsticks in Box

The fluffy, crunchy breadsticks in paper protective packaging that always preserves the same delicious taste!

Classic Breadsticks

It is the famous classic, fluffy breadsticks FERRO ‘that have traveled the Greek taste worldwide. What makes them unique? The original recipe that gives them more fluffy texture, incomparable quality golden sesame that gives the flavor and nutritional value and FERRO’ expertise that does it well done and fragrant, like they have just come out of the oven!

Made from the purest materials in Lamia, without preservatives and packed immediately after production, keeping all the flavor and aroma of freshly baked taste. So choose a breadstick that are not just healthy and tasty, but hides the entire tradition FERRO’ and just … 27 calories!

Discover your own classic taste FERRO ‘: Slightly salty, sesame, or with cheese?

Wheat Breadsticks slightly salted

The ideal choice for the lovers of simplicity! In Wheat breadsticks FERRO’ the fluffy dough is well baked to acquire gold color, crisp texture and the warm smell of bread just being baked. Both fluffy eaten plain, but comes with excellent and some cheese, one slice of turkey and of course, your daily meal!

Nutritional value: Natural ingredients but rich in nutritional value, the wheat breadsticks contains fiber which help in the proper functioning of the digestive system. The starch gives the energy you need, and vitamin B complex containing a natural weapon against daily stress. It’s what you need to keep your metabolism “awake” between meals and get enough flavor, aroma and taste of a traditional baked bite in a healthy diet.

Breadsticks with sesame

The everyday luxury tradition! Not only is the authentic recipe that it is unparalleled in the Greek market. It is pure, well-chosen materials and, above all, the selected sesame, who “dresses” in gold these precious nutritional value bars. In our classic flavor, we use only AA’ screening sesame and generously sprinkle over the breadsticks that – if not already – will become the treasure of your diet!

Nutritional value: For the fiber contained in all breadsticks FERRO ‘, you know … What you may not know is that sesame is from our, local super foods! Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and high in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and antioxidants, is a valuable ally of health and longevity! Put it in your daily schedule and find yours … Cheers!

Breadsticks with Cheese

Rich flavor for all those moments you need a mini meal in the moment! The unsurpassed FERRO taste happily ‘ married ‘ with the full flavor of the cheese and as result you can’t get enough of the velvety cheese bite!

Nutritional value: Dietary fiber, vitamin B and all the beneficial ingredients of cheese: protein and calcium. FERRO cheese breadsticks perfectly accompany a platter with olives and tomato but also soups or salads: the ideal solution for evenings with friends!